Nouvelle collection : les cahiers à l’honneur

New collection: notebooks in the spotlight

The end of summer is approaching ... at the Lili Graffiti workshop, it's finally time to launch the new Fall-Winter collection! Original and warm greeting cards for all occasions, but also beautiful art prints and lots of new products to find on our website.

This season, I explored a warmer color palette, mostly pastel. As usual, I take inspiration from my everyday life to bring out the best. I fondly draw my city of Montréal, with its lively and colorful houses, so unique and varied over the seasons. The floral and gourmet themes are always present in a light spirit, such as my interest for simple pleasures of life.

Today, let’s introduce you to the little news in the notebooks section: firstly, notebooks in the format 6 '' X 8 '', perfect for back to school. Inside, a lineage page on the right and a blank page on the left: it's a perfect 2 in 1 for writing and drawing. On the cover, the illustrations showcase the facades of Montreal, so graphic and inspiring. On the third model, colorful birds whistle in a teeming vegetation.


My favorite: the two little notebooks 4 '' X 5 ''. It's the perfect size to slip into the purse, and take notes in style. Minimum size for maximum efficiency! Parisian breakfast with view or vintage photo atmosphere, the covers are fresh and timeless.








Two new travel diaries completed the collection, which was very successful in the past season. The first pay tributes to New York, in an energizing royal blue, with the emblems of the big apple. The bicycle makes a big comeback on the second one: declined as the seasons go by, it always has so many fans!


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