Nouvelle collection, villes et voyages

New collection - Cities ands travel

Did you take a look at the new collection? One of the themes is the journey, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Marie-Laure, the creator. The beautiful island of Montreal is obviously in the spotlight, joined by the Big Apple, without forgetting Toronto.


You are probably familiar with the now famous ‘Montreal in 26 letters’ poster, which also exists as a postcard. In the new collection, the visual is declined in greeting card. Important detail: the #10 format, original and practical to tell everything about one’s travel in Montreal. You can even draw inspiration from the illustrations of the city, from the Atwater Market to the Zamboni.


Blue and yellow, the New York card transcribes the atmosphere of the city through 26 emblems: yellow taxis, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty ... so many memories on one #10 card!


New city cards have been created: the island of Montreal, the Distillery District Market in Toronto and the dog-sitters in New York. We are already thinking about the next one. And you, what city would you like to see drawn?


To wish a good journey to your surroundings, consider sending the colorful balloons that fly to a new destination! Bon voyage!

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