NSS : quelques conseils pratiques

NSS - a few tips

Nothing is worth a first participation at the NSS to better identify the challenges of a trade show, but also relativize! We have gathered some advice: what we wanted to know!

Before, the preparation

  • Not surprisingly, the organization is the key to success. It is necessary to make a to-do list, to evaluate creation time, printing time, postal delays, in order to prioritize tasks and create a timeline with possible leeway. 
  • Do not get discouraged in front of the mountain of work to do. The list of tasks is inversely proportional to the stress rate as the show approaches!
  • Manage priorities and setbacks by staying focused ... which may require some concessions.


Installation of the booth

  • Before the show opening, it is impossible to buy a sandwich at the Javits Center. Plan to eat and hydrate during the installation!
  • Looking beautiful during the NSS is okay, but during the preparation, it is useless: no nail polish during the assembly of the stand, it leaves traces on the walls!
  • If you have forgotten to bring your bubble level to lay out the cards on the wall, download the "Spirit Level" application for free on your cell phone!
  • Take a first-aid kit with some essentials: for example, a double-sided scotch roller to visualize the layout of the cards before installing everything
  • Do not hesitate to play on the volume in the booth, and not only on the visuals
  • Fresh flowers, the decorative touch not to overlook the booth!
  • Managing your preparation time well: too much, is wasting time in New York; too little, it is taking the risk of not having time to install and decorate!

During the fair

  • If possible, booking accommodation close to the Javits allows you to avoid wasting time on transportation and risking of arriving late when there is a metro breakdown. It also helps to be more relaxed, and to make the journeys on foot.
  • The NSS takes place simultaneously at two other trade fairs, Surtex (illustrations) and IFCC (interior design). At lunchtime the queues are very long, better to buy a sandwich in the morning (faster and cheaper).
  • Being two on the stand is more pleasant, but it also makes it possible to take turns to go to the toilet, to look for coffee or to eat its lunch.



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