Pâques chez Liligraffiti

Easter at Liligraffiti

A few of our favorite traditions + some cute things to spoil your little ones!

We love Easter!

It’s the perfect occasion for the food lovers that we are to celebrate a day by eating chocolate!

The thing we love the most, is building traditions around those special dates. Easter is an especially joyous celebration when you live in Quebec, as it happens around the beginning of Spring.

We enjoy the first warm days, we take long walks in the sun, we admire the trees getting their green back…(Like in our art print "Green streets")

And of course, we brunch! This is by far our favorite Easter tradition.

If you have little kids, this day turns out to be magical with the whole egg-hunt part of the day, as fun to organize as it is for kids to participate!

In addition to the chocolates, you can always stuff their basket with a nice Easter card, as well as some temporary tattoos.

And for us, big children that we are still at heart, why not spoil ourselves with the delicious bars from Monsieur Madame chocolat?

I was the lucky artist that get to redesign their visuals and I can only confirm that their chocolate is delicious.

Psst: they have a pretty nice Easter selection for your little ones too ;)

This is one of the last designs we made for them:


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