Paris, mon amour

Paris, my love

You already know that I love Montreal in which I’ve been living for 8 years, but there is another city I hold in my heart: Paris. I arrived there just after graduating, I was a 23-year-old woman looking for a job in graphic design and with lots of dreams in her head! Later, I met my husband and gave birth to my children. I lived in Paris for 15 years, so this is one of the cities that I know best, and I have many memories. I'm not original, but for me it's obviously one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

My favorite part of Paris is Montmartre, the Seine docks, the massive cultural offer and especially the Rodin museum and the Beaubourg Center. I like to walk, each neighborhood has a little something that makes it special, my eyes are always attracted by architecture, streets, and Parisians.

After Montreal, Toronto, New York, California and San Francisco, it was time for me to draw Paris in 26 letters. I now have a more distant look on this city, and I represented it as I see it today. Paris from A to Z is a lot of beautiful monuments from Le Sacré Coeur to Opera Garnier through Notre Dame de Paris, it is also the subway, the terraces of cafes, luxury shops ... There are also the pigeons that I don’t miss, tourists and a fast pace of life. Today, I would like to have a small town house with a garden in Paris ... we can always dream!

The illustration Paris in 26 letters is available in art print, in greeting card in #10 format, in postcard, and more recently in cushion. But the big news is the journal: 140 pages thick, it’s the ideal travel companion! Whether traveling to Europe or winking to a Parisian friend, the Paris journal allows you to take notes and draw on the sketch pages. Already a best seller!


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