Partons en road trip dans Le Maine!

Let's go on a road trip to Maine!

This week on the blog, we wanted to share with you our love for this little slice of paradise, nestled between land and sea, on the other side of the border: Maine. Each one of us on the Lili team has had the opportunity to discover this beautiful region, at different times of the year. Every time, the charm worked its magic!

The slightly nostalgic seaside resorts, the rugged cliffs, the cute and authentic fishing villages... it's like traveling to a place frozen in time.

We love going there to recharge, to explore, to take long walks on the beach or in the streets of coastal towns... and for its lighthouses!

Indeed, the numerous lighthouses found in Maine are an integral part of the state's landscape. It was actually this abundance that inspired Marie-Laure a few months ago when she took a short getaway near Portland.

When she came back to Montreal, with her head full of images and memories, she had only one desire: to draw one of these iconic lighthouses. And that's how this new illustration of the travel collection was born, an illustration that you will find in the new Liligraffiti collection in September!

Our highlights in Maine:

eating a lobster roll while looking at the ocean

getting a little history lesson in Augusta, the capital

strolling through the charming city of Portland

discovering the forests 

reading a book by Stephen King (the writer is from Maine, and sets most of his novels there) facing the ocean 

channeling their inner child at the Old Orchard Beach Pier during the summer 

visiting the villages of Kennebunkport, Ogunquit, and other seaside wonders 

cheating (a little) and going all the way to Massachusetts to discover Salem, Boston, and Cape Cod!


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