Pluie d'amour chez Liligraffiti

Love is all around us, at Liligraffiti's workshop!

A selection of our most romantic greeting cards, our love playlist, and more!

Love, love, love… Are we hopeless romantics inside the Liligraffiti team? Yes, we are (and proud to be!)
We don't really care about being stereotypical, we really dig the whole Valentine's day vibe.
Ok, ok, it's a fact, this celebration is mostly commercial, but then again, as long as it's a celebration of love, we are on for it!
So, we know for sure (and so do our hubbies) that the evening of the 14th of February will be an evening of romance, with a nice meal, candles, music, and sweet treats, as well as sweet words!

Here our perfect ingredients for a night to remember / to be remembered

1-A home-made dinner with our favorite food, or another great option (pandemic time means eating out is not an option), a nice delivery from one of our fav restaurants: we support them while treating us with delicious food. Win-win!

2-Nice romantic music. As a matter of fact, we put together the ultimate romantic playlist on Spotify, that we share with you right here! Feel free to listen to it, and to share it: It's perfect for a date night.

3-A nice bottle of champagne, or wine, to enjoy in beautiful glasses, because everything tastes better in beautiful glasses! You can also enjoy a cocktail/mocktail night, looking onto each other's eyes…

4-Calling all the people with a sweet tooth! We love ending a nice meal with something chocolatey, and especially THAT supper. We cannot recommend enough the delicious creations by Mr Mme, local chocolate makers. I recently designed another packaging for them, and I can guarantee that they are really yummy!

5-There's a saying in French that goes a bit like this: What we say doesn't stay, only what's written does" - Whether you are celebrating Valentine's Day for the first time or the 20th with your loved one, take every opportunity to declare your love.

Our love greeting cards selection

We all wish you a lovely Valentine's Day, filled with love and romance.

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