Pourquoi un tote-bag?

Why should you use a tote-bag?

A quick reminder of the importance of having a tote-bag around, all the time!


There is something almost natural in our everyday routine about carrying a tote bag. What  about you? Is it a part of your routine yet? If not, here’s why you should adopt this easy yet crucial step in your life.


…Because it’s convenient!

To carry a tote-bag in your purse, to hang it on your hallway, or even to always have one in the trunk of your car: those are the easiest ways to never forget to bring them with you during your shopping sessions! Or even to carry unexpected stuff, to make a quick detour at the library…

As we all know, finding yourself unprepared can be extremely frustrating! To avoid these situations where you can be forced to accept a disposable bag, bring you tote-bag along!


…Because it’s beautiful!

Printed, embroidered, colorful, written with fun or powerful messages, your tote-bag can be a fashion accessory as well as a way to express your personality or your current mood.

We, of course, have a big crush for our very own Montreal façade tote bags, but we also LOVE the cute Montreal tote- bags by TEE BOOTIK and their writings honoring Montreal hoods.

A gorgeous way to express our love to our beautiful city.


…Because it’s ethical! (At least ours are!)

Lili Graffiti’s team is all about making the right choices. As far as possible, we work with local suppliers. That’s why we decided to trust TEE BOOTIK for the confection of our tote bags.

For ethical, ecological as well as a way to support our local economy and to make fellow Montreal companies shine,  we are proud to announce our products as made in Montreal.


TEE BOOKTIK was created in 2018 by Melanie, a French woman living in Montreal for the last 14 years. Creating tote-bags, as well as t-shirts celebrating Montreal, she also designed t-shirts for a cause that means the world to her: Feminine cancers research, of which she’s a survivor. We support her cause by proudly wearing her shirts..!


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