Projet d'illustration: Étiquette d'une bougie locale

An illustration project: design of a candle's label

A nice collab with a local flower shop.

You know how much we love our local boutiques. They need you more than ever in this strange period!
One of our lovely retailers, Florilège (A flower shop) contacted us a few months ago for a very exciting project: to create the visual of label of their upcoming candle.
This was something absolutely never-done-before for me, and I was very happy to start this job.

A bit about Florilège:

Florilège is as flower shop located in the St-Henri hood in Montreal, and has opened less than 2 years ago.
Run by two passionate women, Marion and Rosanna offer a range of tropical plants, as well as cut and dried flowers.
They also carry a range of local products, including our sweet greeting cards to pair with their bouquets for every occasion.
When the two friends realized that many customers told them about the smell of the shop, they got the idea to capture the essence of this smell and materialize it into a candle.
The result: A candle, simply untitled "La boutique", that smells like eucalyptus, sage, and sea salt. Made in Montreal by the lovely company TLees, with soya wax and quality oils.

About the packaging:

The candle was melted in a black metal container, clean and minimalist.
The creation of the label was naturally inspired by this packaging: a black background, to merge with the lid, and the green of the branches (a reminder of the smells) is highlighted by the contrast.

To sum up, an amazing collaboration that I'm really proud to present you today!
I invite you to shop this nice candle on Florilège website, as well as on their physical store!

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