Que faire avec son washi tape?

How to use your washi tape?

5 fun and useful ways to make the best of your washi tape.

Well I don’t know about you but we LOVE washi tape around here!
We love it so much that Marie Laure created two exclusive washi designs for the new Lili Graffiti collection: Lili’s dream city and Botanical, that you seem to love as much as we do!


What is Washi tape, you may ask?

It’s an adhesive tape from Japan, used for decorative and organizational purposes. It has become really popular these past few months.
So we’ve decided to put up a list of fun ideas to decorate your place or organize your everyday life  with your favorite washi tapes!

-Make a wall calendar, the best way to keep your family harmony and have happier mornings! You can add vinyl numbers, post-its, and even create a color-label system with multiple washi tapes.

-Label your house keys: A cute and fun way to make sure that everyone has their key before leaving the house! Can also be a great way to differenciate house and work keys.


-Decorate your flower vases, mason jars, pencil boxes…by adding some colour to them! A very easy DIY to make wow changes in your house, you can even make an activity out of it with your kids.


-Bring out the colours in your office! Thanks to the washi tape, you can label your files and even customize your clips. Organization has never been this fun!

-Maybe our favorite hack of the list: Photo frames out of washi tape. This is an awesome way to place your favorite photographs (Or your Lili Graffiti postcards :)) on the wall. You can leave them for months, or change them every other morning: The washi allows flexibility! We also love the DIY version with pimped wood frames.

Sources photos: 1(Lili Graffiti) / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Retrouvez la collection washi tape de Lili Graffiti ici!

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