Rencontre avec nos détaillants #5 : Magasin Général, Montréal.

Meet our retailers #5 : Magasin Général, Montréal.

Magasin Général is part of the nice boutique ensemble (located in those red containers) that makes the Old Port of Montreal looking so good and alive during Spring and Summer time.
Very popular when the weather gets warm, these shops offer a wide range of local creations. Today, let's meet with Cynthia, passionate owner of the Magasin General, and proud Liligraffiti retailer.


1/ Hello Cynthia, can you describe your shop in a few words?  

Our shop is located in the Old Port of Montreal, in front of the Ferris Wheel. The boutique is all about local products, art makers and crafters. A concept of seasonal shop that offers to local people as well as tourists a more intimate experience of the city, by giving them access to a diverse selection 100% local. Magasin Général is the perfect place for everybody. I am deeply passionnate by local craft and art.

2/ What comes to your mind when you think of Liligraffiti?

The playful and colorful aspect, as well as the lovely representation of our popular houses of Montreal.

3/ If you could pick one Liligraffiti, which one would it be ?

Our customers love everything branded Liligraffiti. I have a crush for all the art prints, especially Montreal in the fall.

Discover Magasin Général's website, and go and take a look to their beautiful shop at the Old-Port from Friday to Sunday!

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