Rencontre avec nos détaillants #7 : Ballet Hop

Meet our stockists #7: Ballet Hop


To introduce you to one of our new stockists, we invite you to meet the amazing team behind Ballet Hop, an incredible and modern concept of inclusive and body-positive dance classes and workouts! We have fallen in love with this place, which is special and like no other. Let's meet Tiffanie right away!

Hello Tiffanie! Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your company in a few words?

Hi! I'm Tiffanie, the Director of Administration and an instructor at Ballet Hop! Our company was founded in 2016 by our national superwoman, Camille Rouleau. Ballet Hop! is like the garage league of ballet. We're shaking off the dust and making this art form more welcoming, inclusive, and compassionate so that people of all sizes, ages, and experience levels feel welcome. We offer ballet classes from beginner to advanced levels, barre workouts, ballet retreats, children's classes, and group socials! To date, Ballet Hop! has three studios, and we're also proud to have boutiques where you can find dancewear as well as Quebecois and Canadian products from women-owned businesses!

Credit: Caroline Perron

What is your daily mantra?

I once read the phrase "One day or Day one. You decide," and it has stuck with me ever since. I know it may sound cheesy, but it captures my general attitude quite well. We need to stop telling ourselves that we're not ready enough to take the leap, that we'll start a certain project another time, that we'll probably have another opportunity, and so on. No way! Do it now!

Tell us about a boutique/restaurant/café you love in Montreal.

Belle & Rebelle, which carries several Quebec brands that I love wearing! / Le Bar Mamie, for its amazing charcuterie and cheese platters! / Le Pista sur Beaubien, I spend a lot (maybe too much) time there.

You are now one of our Liligraffiti retailers! What does the brand represent to you?

I love surrounding myself with beautiful things, whether it's a pretty art print in my home or an adorable notebook! I appreciate that the brand takes inspiration from the Montreal lifestyle and all the little corners and spontaneous moments that our city has to offer. There's also something timeless about the chosen colors and details. I love it when a product can bring a smile to my face by triggering a memory, and that's exactly what Liligraffiti products inspire!

What is your favorite Liligraffiti product and why?

I'm cheating a bit here, but I have two favorites: the notebooks and journals! I love writing everything down and planning things on paper (never on the computer – it's my vintage side)! I'm a big fan of agendas, notes, to-do lists, planning, and budgeting. So yes, a notebook and/or journal is an essential item in my life!

Credit: Caroline Perron

A huge thank you to Tiffanie from Ballet Hop for this wonderful interview! You can now find a selection of Liligraffiti products in one of their three studios/boutiques.

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