Rencontre avec nos détaillants #8 : Fleuriste La Prairie

Meet our stockists #8 : Fleuriste La Prairie

Back from our Summer break, and a new presentation of one of our retail locations on the blog! This time, we're taking you to the small town of La Prairie, located in Montérégie, to meet the sister duo Karine & Véronique, who are at the helm of Fleuriste La Prairie.

Hello ladies, could you introduce yourselves and tell us about your business in a few words?

We are two sisters from La Prairie. In November 2021, we bought Fleuriste La Prairie, a city institution founded 40 years ago by Pierre-Luc Lauzon. It was a bit of a spontaneous decision, but we're very close and complementary, and we had dreamed of having a business together. Pierre-Luc had built a strong reputation, offering a wide variety of flowers and quality arrangements. His clientele was loyal and attached to him, always receiving personalized service. That's what we're striving to maintain!

What would be your daily mantra?

We're two rather calm individuals, always focused on solutions. So I would say our mantra is to live in the present moment. It's also important to us that our team feels valued and that the work atmosphere is more than pleasant!

Name a brand, company, or entrepreneur who inspires you.

As new entrepreneurs, many entrepreneurs inspire us! But especially women and mothers who balance family life and entrepreneurship. We can mention Liligraffiti (!), Marée Chandelles, SELV Rituel, La vie en Douceur.

You're now a part of the Liligraffiti family! What does the brand represent to you?

We realized that no business in La Prairie offers beautiful greeting cards. We searched for a Quebec company and fell in love with Liligraffiti! We adore the artwork, the colors, the refreshing and reassuring spirit that emanates from it, and the local touch.

What is your favorite Lili product and why?

The cards and the art prints! Currently, Karine's favorite is "Woman with flowers", and Véronique's is "Plants." In addition to flowers, we're also a gift shop, and we keep expanding our selection of local products. Who knows what Lili products we'll offer next!!

Thank you to Karine and Véronique for their responses! Go and visit their lovely boutique in La Prairie!

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