S'amuser et s'occuper l'été avec Liligraffiti

Have Fun and Stay Busy All Summer with Liligraffiti

Summer is here, and the long, sunny days are perfect for adventures, both outdoors and indoors! As parents, we know keeping children entertained can be a challenge. That's why we've gathered our best ideas to make your little ones' summer special, filled with learning, creativity, fun, and discovery. We've got it all covered!

  1. Our alphabet and number flashcards 

Learning can be fun, especially with our interactive flashcards. These flashcards are anything but boring; they are designed to make learning letters and numbers an exciting game! They are a must-have for long car, train, or plane rides; be sure to slip them into your bag before you head out! We have already compiled all the ways to have fun with our number cards in this blog post: go (re)discover it, and maybe even give us new ways to explore them.

  1. Puzzles for rainy days and quiet times

Sometimes, the sun takes a break and makes way for rain; that's when our puzzles come to the rescue. Puzzles are a fantastic way to work on concentration and patience while having fun. Depending on the age of your child(ren), give them the opportunity to do it alone, or turn this solitary activity into a family moment, where everyone can contribute by adding pieces throughout the day, creating a collaborative masterpiece.

  1. Temporary tattoos for creative expression

Let your children's creativity blossom with our collection of temporary tattoos. Fun, safe, and easy to apply with original designs, they are perfect! Once again, a very simple, light, and non-bulky way to ensure a little moment of calm and joy for your kids!

  1. Explorez Montreal with our book (in French only)

Take your children on an exciting journey through Montreal. Whether you're Montrealers, eager to retrace your children's daily life during the summer season, or tourists, wanting to leave our beautiful city with a unique souvenir, our book "Un été à Montréal" is for you! The whole family will fall in love with these everyday scenes that make Montreal so beautiful and vibrant in the summer. And who knows, you might find some unexplored ideas!


  1. Canada's fauna and flora at the tip of your pencil

Our brand-new coloring book is a must-pack in your luggage! Your children will love discovering new species of birds, marine animals, mammals, and reinventing them with their colors, all drawn by Liligraffiti in iconic landscapes of our beautiful country. A book so beautiful and special that parents might steal it from their kids!

Visit our shop now to discover these products and make this summer a moment your children will never forget. Have a nice summer and remember :  happy kids, happy parents!

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