This or that: un portrait pour mieux connaitre notre créatrice

This or that: a fun portrait to know our founder a bit better

This is Marie-Laure's 50th b-day! Let's celebrate her!


This month is pretty special for our team, as we are celebrating our founder/artist Marie-Laure's 50th b-day!

We take this opportunity to let you get to know her a bit more, with a fun game of "This or That.
And to thank you to be such a loyal crew, we decided to spoil you and offer you a special 25% discount on our website with our code CESTMAFETE, starting the 1st of February till the 7th!

Tea or coffee?
Coffee - Black for work, flat white when I meet friends or when I'm in NYC for work back when we could travel)

Swim in a pool or in the sea?
Ocean, bonus point if the water is turquoise and warm. :)

Sweet or salty?
Sweet - I'm a sweet tooth. Pastries are the best ;)

Shower or tub?
Shower - Invigorating and refreshing, to start the day!

TV Shows or movies?
Movies - I love thrillers but also rom-coms, from time to time.

Pasta or pizza?
Pasta - Spaghetti alle vongole, they taste better when eaten in a little street of Rome and a glass of Chardonnay to pair along

Pancakes or waffles?
Waffles - with strawberries and whip cream, eaten while walking down the streets of Bruges, in springtime.

Library or museums?
Museum - I'm especially fond of exhibitions on fauvism, impressionism, naive art and Pop Art.

Morning or evening?
Morning - I'm definitely an early bird, my inspiration strikes the most after my first coffee.

Text message or call?
Call - I do it less often than I used to, and it's a shame. I need to change this asap!

Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store?

Both, equally, depending on the product and on my current mood.

Saint Viateur or Fairmount?
If we talk about bagels, Fairmount. But I love Saint-Viateur street, to chill on the outside of Club Social.

Spring or Fall?
Spring - It's the perfect season, just before Summer. I'm the typical girl from the South of France, I love the sun, the wind, the beach, the fruits… and yes, I know, I live in Canada now! ;)


Happy birthday Marie-Laure ;)

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