Un agenda aux couleurs de Liligraffiti

A planner by Liligraffiti for 2021

We introduce you to our new project! 

We can’t deny it, we are connected girls. Sometimes even too connected to be honest. :)
But there are still places where our heart is still very much into the paper side of things.  To take notes, or to make our to-do lists, for instance (Hello notebooks and notepads by Liligraffiti!) but also for our planners. It is truly impossible for us to use an electronic version, and God knows we tried!

We’ve been thinking about creating our own version of the everyday planner for quite some time; many of you requested it, and we, on a personal level, wanted to invent the perfect planner for us.

Here’s a preview of what our planner will look like: (French version only!)

-a hard cover with an exclusive design
-a double page for each week to plan, with enough space to write down everything
-12 exclusive illustrations, one for each month, issued from our popular 2021 calendars "Montreal" and "Travel"
-Lots of Note pages at the end of the planner, to write down everything that comes to your mind
- A wiro-binding

-Canadian holidays specified
-Printed in Montreal on a certified paper
-a sheet of stickers to personalize your planner


Price: 38$

The planner is available for presale starting now: Don’t miss the chance to grab one!
It’s a first come, first serve sale, as we will be printing only one batch of the planner.


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Hi Liligraffiti,

I would love to purchase this planner/agenda, how can I do so? Let me know.

Thanks in advance,

Henrika Larochelle

Henrika Larochelle

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