Un shooting au jardin botanique de Montréal

A photoshoot at the Botanical Garden of Montreal

For the photo shooting of the last collection, we decided to leave our comfort zone and realize a little extravaganza: to photograph the stationery & textile collection in the greenhouses of the botanical garden of Montreal. At the origin of this idea, a creative and logistical challenge: find a summer place to shoot the spring-summer collection, in the middle of winter in Quebec. It had been a while since it was planned, with the idea of ​​the Westmount greenhouses at the beginning, but they are closed for renovation at the moment.

We arrived with great enthusiasm at the botanical garden one morning in February, and we made these shots. An infinite possibility of photos in this heavenly and timeless place, with some material constraints (humidity and paper don’t get along well) and a minimum of organization upstream.

In the end, we had a great time in spring dresses, and we are in love with the photos! We loved that quiet place, the light through the claws, and the variety of colors. Botanical aesthetics corresponded particularly to the collection, and the spontaneous aspect of the compositions brings a wind of novelty. All this gave us even more desire to make spontaneous shootings in unusual scenery, and play with the city and its unusual resources.

Special mention to our talented photographer Sylviane who always accepts our craziest requests with much enthusiasm.

The new collection is already available on the online store, and will be presented in more detail in future posts. Floral, botanical and tart, the new stationery & textile collection is inspired by the warm days, the simplicity of warm moments and the vibrant colors of Montreal in summer. The guiding thread as always: naive illustrations, colorful and graphic, with fresh and festive tones. We hope you’ll like it!

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Bravo pour le shooting au jardin botanique , haut en couleurs!
Les sourires en prime!!!


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