Une balade à Londres

A getaway to London

London is a cosmopolitan city, where many cultures meet, and where you have to go to enjoy a few days to appreciate all it has to offer!
When I still lived in France (many years ago!), it was so easy to go there for a quick getaway: The Eurostar takes you there in a couple of hours.
How nice it is to be a quick train-ride away to the heart of the busy London!
More recently, I had the pleasure to go back there for a girl trip with my sister and my mom, for the birthday of the latter.
An amazing stay (with no rain!), filled with nice visits and walks throughout the city.

Here are the must see/do in London according to me:

  • Go around town using public transportation: The subway (or "Tube") of course, but mostly the famous red bus!
  • Take walks along the river Thames
  • Go and admire the Changing guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace
  • Shop at Harrod's and Liberty London
  • Enjoy a tea-time in a chic and luxury salon
  • Get lost in the different neighbourhoods:
  • Discover the stands at the Portobello Road Market on Saturdays
  • Take the boat to Greenwich
  • Visit one or several of the many London Museums. Our picks: The Tate Modern and the British Museum.
  • Drink a pint in a pub (of course!)
  • Go across Tower Bridge
  • Travel back in time at Westminster Abbaye
  • Admire Big Ben and its famous clock

To get into the London mood, without travelling:

*Read "Down and out in Paris and London" by George Orwell, to explore the (poor) London of the 1920's/1930"s
*Watch (again and again) "Notting Hill" and "Love actually" for nice shots of the city, in the romantic way
*Listen to "London calling" by The Clash, to relive the Punk era




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