Une fête des pères locale

Shop local for Father's Day

Spoil your dad with our lovely greeting cards + some great local business items.

Father's Day is just around the corner....We love to take this moment to celebrate all the dads surrouding us: Ours, the father of our children, the step-dads and father figures in our life.
We carry a selection of 4 different Father's Day greeting cards on the shop: They are fun and original, and there is without a doubt the one for you and the dad to spoil: Playful dad, traditionnal dad, hipster dad...yours to pick!

Plus, we share some local ideas - on top of our perfect greeting cards - to help you celebrate a wonderful Father's Day. Here are our selection for presents that will be a hit for sure on the 20th of June.


The yummy present = A  Allo Simonne gift box, with delicious chocolate spreadings.
The athletic present = products to take care of your bike by Mintndry.
The fashionable present = A gift box of  Groom products to take care of the beard and the skin
The creative present = A gift card for  Les Affutés, a workshop where you can learn how to make wooden or fabric items of your choice.
The relaxing present = A Ström spa gift card (several locations in Quebec)
The reading present: Caféine, (Parfum d'encre publishing), a guide of all the best local independant coffee shops, as well as a documentary on the creation of coffee.
The smart present: A set of whisky cubes, to avoid using ice cubes that melt, by Lithologie.
The hedonist present: La boite à vins - nice selections of wines, hand-picked by a passionate sommelier.

We wish a wonderful Father's Day to all the dads out here!

To shop our Father's Day greeting cards selection: it's HERE!

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