À la rencontre de nos détaillants #4  - Bonjour Montréal


Let’s continue our lovely series dedicated to our beloved retailers! Today, we go and meet the amazing team of Bonjour Montréal!

This cute shop located in the Old-Port of Montreal offers a great range of gifts and Montreal-crafted souvenirs, including of course Liligraffiti products. We asked one of the co-founders Catherine (she owns the boutique alongside Laurence and the other Catherine) a few questions about the shop and her vision about Lili graffiti goods; you can find her answers below! 


Hi Catherine, can you give a us a quick presentation of Bonjour Montreal?

Boutique Bonjour Montréal is the perfect place for both tourists and local people to make great finds before heading back home. Our products are mainly Montreal-made, not too expensive, and remind us of our lovely city! Designed as an extension of the coffee place Melle Catherine, we’ve created a space where you can feel relaxed and inspired. The smell of coffee, the music that always plays on Place Jacques-Cartier make you feel like on holiday.

Since when did you become a retailer for Liligraffiti? What’s your Liligraffiti best seller?

We’ve been retailing Liligraffiti since our opening, in April of 2018! Our customers love postcards that represent Montreal : Houses exteriors with the stairs, St-Joseph’s Oratory…and of course the famous poutine recipe!


How would you describe the Liligraffiti vibe in a few words? What is your personal favorite?

We love the dreamy and playful vibe of Liligraffiti products. The colors are bright and joyful, it puts us instantly in a good mood! Our personal favorites are without a doubt the notebooks illlustrated with Montreal colorful houses.

If you had to send a Liligraffiti card today, it would be…

Montreal in 26 letters postcard is the best way to sum-up our beautiful city! 


What is the little thing that makes Bonjour Montreal special?

Our boutique stands out by its location in the Old Montreal, its trendy selection of products and its relaxed vibe!


Keep Bonjour Montreal in mind for your next weekend walk in the Old-Port! Have a hot chocolate, discover the art galleries in St Antoine street, and have a stop at Bonjour Montreal to find the perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself!) before heading back home:  Sounds like the perfect Sunday!


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